Before The Leaves Come Down…

I want to share my shell garden before the leaves come down.  A neighbor remembered how I drooled over her blue birdbath for the past ten years, and when the base broke, she offered it to me before she kicked it to the curb.  I repaired it and it is now the centerpiece of my backyard.

It’s not wearable jewelry, but it’s kind of sparkly.  Me happy.

Can you hear the ocean?

In The Mood!

Having just returned from a lovely vacation on the beach, I’m in the mood for some beach-themed, summer jewelry.  The work is in process, but to keep me and everyone else in that lovely mood, I’d like to share the following inspirations for some of my pieces:


A perennial favorite of mine, the lovely Janthina, Janthina. (Carnivorous little pretty; it eats Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish…)


This too beautiful cat’s eye was inhabited, so… he stayed on the beach.


A veritable hodgepodge of treasures; olive barrels, cats paws, coral…


So, I’m a little obsessive!

Looking forward to sharing soon!  🙂