Hearts On Fire ~ The Red Lady Awaits

The Red Lady beckons from the front window of Main Gallery 404, where I just added tons of new jewelry, with a heavy accent on hearts, in honor of Valentine’s Day.   

Who can resist the Red Lady?

Who can resist the Red Lady?


When new owner, Lisa Lofgren, asked to feature my work in the window from now through February’s First Friday, I was honored and thrilled!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The Neighborhood Thrift Store generously let us borrow a beautiful art deco vanity (the one in the above photo) for the display.  And, yes, it’s also for sale.

 On February 1, 2013, Downtown Bloomington, IL also celebrates with its annual Tour de Chocolat’:

“An annual event and celebration of chocolate!  Participating downtown businesses offer free samples of food containing chocolate.”  

Uh, huh.  Trust me, there is everything chocolate to sample.  It’s a super fun way to spend an evening. 

My jewelry is now in the window until 2-2-13.  

Gallery hours are:  

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  12-5 PM                                                              

Saturday:  10 AM – 5 PM

Closed:  Monday, Tuesday

Here are a few of the available pieces:  

Key to MY Heart (pendant)

Key to MY Heart (pendant with fine silver, sterling silver, crystal)

Heart Ablaze (Pendant)

Heart Ablaze (pendant with fine silver, copper)

You've run away with my heart...

You’ve run away with my heart… (pendant with resin)

You've sewn up my heart.

You’ve sewn up my heart. (pendant with fine silver, copper)

It’s not all hearts…

Nothing shows love to your sweetheart like jewelry.  These selections and much more are available now at Main Gallery 404 now through Friday, February 1, 2013.


Donut fun (pendant of Jade, fine silver, copper)

Donut fun (pendant of Jade, fine silver, copper)

Lumen (pendant of fine silver, copper-wrapped chrysoprase)

Lumen (pendant of fine silver, copper-wrapped Chrysoprase)

Wrapped up (earrings of copper, Labradorite, Aquamarine, fine silver)

Wrapped up (earrings of copper, Labradorite, Aquamarine, fine silver)

Blue Reflections (pendant with fine silver, glass)

Blue Reflections (pendant with fine silver, crystal)

Miss Kitty (pendant with fine silver, copper, Garnet)

Miss Kitty (pendant with fine silver, copper, Garnet)







Soapstone on copper-wrapped with fine silver bail.

Soapstone on copper-wrapped with fine silver bail.


Fine silver, copper earrings.

Fine silver, copper earrings.


7th Annual Open House Holiday! ~Saturday, December 1, 2012~

This year, I’m partnering with Jamey Spain, RN and nationally licensed massage therapist, for an Open House Holiday at her studio in Uptown Normal, IL on Saturday, December 1, 2012 from 10 AM ~ 4 PM.

While I’ll be offering lots of cool jewels and more, Jamey will be offering 1/2 off chair massage services.  (Please contact ahead for options and appointments with Jamey at jameygreenleaf@gmail.com.)  You can also learn more about her at Green Leaf Massage.

Two Amigos!

We thought it would be super fun for you to stop by, do a little shopping, have a relaxing massage, and enjoy some yummy treats!

Here’s the official invitation!

Would love to see you!

I promise to add pics of new jewelry throughout the week!  

Counting down 6 more days until the open house…

Every year I make limited edition holiday-themed pieces.  One year I made snowmen earrings and pendants, another year it was Christmas trees.

This year I lucked into a stash of  old-fashioned beautiful lampworked tree light beads which are now earrings and pendants in red, green, blue, amethyst, turquoise, pink, yellow, and amber.

These are really sweet and won’t last long.

Except for this set which will adorn my mother-in-law.


 Day5:  Found some cool mood beads and had a lot of fun turning them into pendants.  The first photo shows “before” any warmth connects, and the “after” shows how your mood can change the colors.  (Okay, I used a heating pad underneath to affect all of them at once, but it put me in a pretty good mood!)  

And yes, I will start previewing some silver pieces soon!


“After” Pretty cool, huh?

Day 4:  These “wheels” are some of my absolute favorite pieces.  They’re in between the size of a nickel and dime and are just fun; I always find myself running it up and down my chain.  🙂  They’re also double-sided!

Three little wheels.

Three little wheels.

Day 3:   Here are some hollow forms that were intentionally patinaed.  They have a great weight to them.



Day 2:   Freshly minted, so to speak!  One more day and the Open House Holidlay begins!  Hope to see you there!

Kind of swingy...

Kind of swingy…


Gearing up with 1 more day until the Open House Holiday!    Did a bit of a mock set up at home to make sure everything fits!  So far, so good!

I was a girl scout, you know.

I was a girl scout, you know.

Can’t Seem To Get Out Of The Studio (Don’t Want To…)

November is starting to pass by quickly.  Suddenly we’re over a week in.
The Holidays are approaching and so are all sorts of new ideas.


For the first time since metalworking class so many years ago, I’m trying enamels again.  This time on fine silver.  And, I’m loving it!

Fun stuff: enamel on fine silver


And then… I started building cages.  I can’t decide if I like them better empty or…

Empty cages...

…filled with pearls…

Caged Pearls

…or crystals.

Caged Crystals

It’s a good day to be in the studio!

Hot Off The Press!

There are a few charities near and dear to my heart; Easter Seals is one of them.

Here is the piece I’m donating to this year’s Grape Soiree Event.

Ardor Embraced

In a bezel fabricated of 28.2 grams of fine silver, an amethyst cabochon and a freshwater pearl are inlaid amidst tiny glass beads as part of a micro-mosaic tiling process.  A hand-wrought fine silver bail connects the pendant to a twenty-four inch sterling silver cable chain.